Sunday, July 1, 2012

Myths & Legends Explained
By Neil Philip
ISBN 978-1-4351-3568-0

The world's most enduring myths and legends explored and explained.

This beautifully illustrated collection of myths and legends is a great book for your library.
If you happen to be a Pagan it is a must. And if you are in a Coven it would be great for your story teller.
He even brings the Christian faith into it as a Myth comparing a lot of biblical text to Myths in many other cultures covering the same thing many years prior to the bible. It is a great book! You really need to check it out and it is on sale at Barnes and Noble :)
A Daybook of Positvie Thinking, Daily Affimations of Gratitude and Happiness
A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
ISBN 978-1-59842-604-5

This is a great book to do your daily affirmations. I place a mirror in front of me and read one 3 x to myself everyday :) they help with my whole attitude of gratitude. I would highly recommend this book for any Pagan library :) There is enough negativity in the world. I am going to try and balance it ;)
Attitudes of Gratitude, How to give and receive Joy everyday of your life
M. J Ryan
ISBN 13: 978-1-56731372-7

Currently Reading

As a Pagan I am looking for more ways to be Greatful at what Gaia has to offer to me everyday and really take the time to listen and hear. When I stumbled across this book at my local Barnes and Noble on the sale rack.