Friday, May 7, 2010


This blog is to give my opinions on some of the books I have read. I read. A LOT.
I figured this would give everyone an opinion on where my brain is and will give you a view point as to how I think.
I encourage anyone to buy some of these books. If you were really looking forward to reading something I have reviewed and didn't like...well HEY! Go right ahead! By all means!  If you read it and you like it?! Even better! Topic for a little friendly debate! It also means you have a mind of your own. Which I encourage. Trust me I have none to spare. I misplace mine all the time.
I am a member of a wonderful site called On this site I am also a part of the Early Reviewers. This means when an author comes out with a book and wants opinions from a variety of people they will either mail or email it to you for your opinion.
So take a look at the list. See if something sparks your interest and get to reading!

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