Friday, May 7, 2010

Tell Me Honey...2000 questions for couples by Vikram Chadiramani

Release Date: 04/01/2010
ISBN#:  1451501897
Reading time: 30 mins
Pages: 217

This book is exactly as the title says. This author goes through a list of 2018 questions to be exact.
I truly believe I found my next new quiz sheet for any new relationship. Be it romantic or not.

Where was this book when I spent endless hours in the chat rooms with people who had nothing to say?  Heck I might even share these on facebook as wall posts to get my friends and family to post something on my comments from time to time.

Some of the questions I would NEVER ask at the beginning of ANY relationship, however, some would be saved as an arsenal and base for a great argument.

Overall it is an alright book. For what it is that is. Would I buy it? Probably not, but only because I have a creative mind and am not afraid to ask questions.  There are many out there who are not.

If I asked my boyfriend or some of my friends these questions and got to question 1941, you bet your sweet bippy they would say YES and you SOOOOOO fit this category. Want to know what that question is... go to your local Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy and either open it and find out or buy it if it does interest you and gets your mind thinking. Heck pick up a copy and answer the questions yourself.

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